From Borda de Sorteny Refuge to Comapedrosa Refuge


Coronallacs - Desnivell

Coronallacs - Durada
11 h and 13 m

Coronallacs - Dificultat

A real challenge, which becomes easier to bear looking up

to take in the view of Andorra’s highest mountain, Comapedrosa


The fourth stage starts at the Borda de Sorteny Refuge and continues towards the towns of El Serrat and then Llorts. On the way you’ll pass by Camí Ral and Les Salines, where you’ll find the trout centre that supplies the Principality of Andorra. Get ready as there’s a fairly steep ascent to Clot del Cavall soon after, and within walking distance of the Comapedrosa Valleys Nature Park. It’s an intense climb that is thankfully short. You’ll also cross the shelter and lake in Angonella.

From there, you’ll enter the parish of La Massana, a region where mountain landscapes abound. You’ll have to be patient but you’ll gradually discover them for yourself. At this point, go down to the shelters in Les Fonts and Pla de l’Estany, leaving behind Font Podrida hill.

You’re now at the foot of Comapedrosa Peak (2,942 metres), the highest mountain in Andorra Follow the signs and head towards Aigüesjuntes. From here, you’ll begin the last stretch until you reach the Comapedrosa Refuge. You’ll need to take the road to l'Obaga d'Els Aspres.

The Comapedrosa Refuge where you’ll spend the night is located 2,265 metres above sea level. It’s located next to Les Truites Pond surrounded by steep mountains that are sure to wow you. As we told you before, it was a matter of time before you saw these dreamy landscapes you can now admire.

The duration of the stage is approximate, it depends on the physical state of each hiker and the number of stops that are made throughout the trail.