From Illa Refuge to Juclà Refuge


Coronallacs - Desnivell

Coronallacs - Durada
10 h and 35 m

Coronallacs - Dificultat

Stage with a large number of lakes and you will have the chance

to admire the natural beauty of Andorra in all its splendour


During the second stage, you’ll have the chance to admire the natural beauty of Andorra in all its splendour and, in particular, contemplate the valleys of Envalira, Siscaró and Incles.

This stage starts in L’Illa Refuge and continues along Collada de Pessons (2,810 metres), which you’ll need to ascend. At this point, you can see the circle of lakes in Pessons, made up of more than 12 lakes. From here you can see them all, although, on this route, you’ll only go past 7 of them.

Then, you’ll start a slight descent to the Pla de les Pedres Refuge, in the ski resort of GrandValira. From here you have to go down to Les Bordes d'Envalira. The town is located along Carretera General 2, so you can stop for a moment and purchase supplies in case you need to.

Afterwards, you’ll have to ascend to Port Dret, a town that offers an amazing view of Andorra and France, as well as the Valley of Soldeu and Siscaró. After that, you’ll have to go down to Siscaró Refuge. Look carefully because you’ll go near an area irrigated with meanders of Lake Siscaró, which is one of the few that can be found in the Principality.

The route between Siscaró and Juclà is rough and more technical, although not too complicated. Spend the night at the Juclà Refuge, 2,310 metres above sea level. The next day you’ll be waking up early, so make the most of it and watch the sunrise on Coll de l'Alba. You won’t want to miss it.

The duration of the stage is approximate, it depends on the physical state of each hiker and the number of stops that are made throughout the trail.